GoToMeeting Review and Free Trial

GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting Review Summary: One click meetings make it easy to meet, present, and collaborate. You can participate in meetings from your desktop, iPhone/iPad, or Android device.

Pros: Best reliability. Fast performance. PC and Mac support. Simple meeting setup (1-click). Ubiquitous online meeting platform (familiar to attendees). Powerful application sharing.

Cons: The Mac version isn’t as feature-rich as the Windows version.

GoToMeeting Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating: 4.5 stars GoToMeeting earned our top award for the third year in a row. We gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Usability: 5 stars GoToMeeting leads the pack in usability. It’s 1-click meetings and intuitive user interface make it easy for anyone to use.
Audio quality: 5 stars The audio performance was solid. The volume levels and voices were consistent throughout. There were no disruptions or crackles in the audio.
Video quality: 5 stars GoToMeeting’s new HD Faces brings best-in-class video conferencing to online meetings.
Collaboration features: 5 stars GoToMeeting is our top pick in the collaboration category. The annotation tools give clarity to your presentation. The ability to pass control of the meeting to other attendees, and control their desktop (with their permission) is better than sitting next to them at their desk.
Presentation features: 4.5 stars We love GoToMeeting’s presentation features, especially when we’re running our meetings from our Windows machines. When we’re on our Mac, we miss having a few of the bells and whistles that are only available on the Windows version of the software.
Mobile features: 4 stars You can attend a meeting from any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, however, the mobile clients are somewhat limited. You can attend meetings from your mobile device, but you can’t control them (yet). GoToMeeting has said these features are coming soon.

What We Like About GoToMeeting:

Easy meeting setup – You can create a meeting from your instant messaging and e-mail clients with a single click. This makes it easy to turn a phone or e-mail conversation into an interactive online meeting.

Dedicated application sharing – Rather than share your whole desktop, you can choose a specific application to share. This prevents people from accidentally seeing private files and applications running in the background.

Share keyboard and mouse control with other users – You can let any meeting attendee take control of the meeting and present. This is ideal for product demonstrations. You can also take control of any attendees computer (with their permission). This is useful for technical support and product walk-throughs.

Desktop recording and playback – GoToMeeting lets you record online meetings in just a few clicks. You can record everything that’s happening on the screen and the teleconference audio. The desktop recording is available in the popular Windows Media format for maximum compatibility.

Support for multiple monitors – You can host the meeting from one monitor, while you work from another monitor.

HD Faces – High definition video conferencing for your online meetings. It’s like meeting in person.

Meetings on Mobile Devices – Participate in meetings from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, and Android applications).

What We Don’t Like About GoToMeeting

The Mac version lacks a few features – GoToMeeting was one of the first providers in the online meeting category to offer Mac support, but some features have limited functionality. For example, you can’t record meetings from a Mac. The other missing feature on the Mac is application-level sharing. When you’re presenting from a Mac you share your entire desktop. I expect this will change in a future release of the software. If you’re on a Windows machine this won’t matter, but it’s worth considering if you’re using a Mac.

GoToMeeting Features:

Pricing: $49/mo (First month free is free.). No contract required. Cancel any time.
Mobile Clients: iPhone, iPad and Android
Free Trial:  Yes – 30 Days free.
Meeting Capacity: 15 attendees
Desktop Sharing: Yes – Share your desktop with meeting attendees for presentations and collaboration. You can share your whole desktop, or a specific application window.
Desktop Recording: Yes – Record your screen and the audio teleconference for playback at anytime.
VOIP: Yes – choose between your computer’s mic and speakers, or your phone.
Control Granting: Yes – give control of the meeting to anybody in attendance. They can share their desktop and documents using the same controls as the meeting organizer. You can also take control of their desktop to provide support, or do a product walk-through.
Video Conferencing: Yes – HD Faces. High definition video allows you to see meeting attendees.
Chat: Yes – Group and private chat. Send a message to everyone in the meeting, or select a specific person to chat with.
Annotation Tools: Yes – Highlight, draw, and point to anything on your screen.

Our Conclusion About GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers quick and easy meetings, and gives presenters all the features they need to conduct successful online meetings. It’s our editor’s choice for online meeting software.

GoToMeeting Review Details

Reviewed by: Jeremy Palmer

Reviewed on: November 2011