WebEx Meeting Center Review

WebEx Meeting Center Review
With widespread acclamation during the last couple of years, WebEx Meeting Center has moved to the top of the list in online meeting space. Forbes included WebEx Meeting Center among ’10 Best Business Apps’ while its inclusion in ‘Business Insider’ among the ‘Best Business Apps for Your Job ‘ was equally imposing.

Let’s take a look what WebEx Meeting Center has to offer –


  • Does not require downloading. Works on browser.
  • Attractive and easy interface with feature-rich layout
  • Simple to invite and add attendees for free
  • Easy screen sharing & file transfers
  • Compatible to Mac
  • Mobile App availability and live support


  • Limited feature availability in app is understandable but should be revisited based on competitive offerings by others

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Pricing & Plans –

8 User Premium Plan – $24/month or $19/month in annual subscription
25 User Premium Plan – $49/month or $39/month in annual subscription
100 User Premium Plan – $69/month or $49/month in annual subscription

Free Version – Entitles 3 users and offers Premium plan features for 14 days

Things We love About Webex –

Browser Model: WebEx Meeting Center wholly works on browser. There is no need to download the application. Mac users require a plugin though, which is a simple and hassle free extension.

Extensive Feature List: Cisco has beautifully incorporated extensive feature list into Meeting Center. Audio and video conferencing, High Definition videos, Webcam feed, File sharing, Selective application transfers and much more. You can also connect to remote devices and share videos with ease.

Easy Meeting: An auto invite is sent to the people you want in the meeting which merely requires you to enter their email on the invite page. It helps to cut down on time spent in manually adding participants. Users habitual with Microsoft Outlook can also use it to send meeting invites.

Easy & Attractive Interface: WebEx uses an uncluttered interface which is user friendly and simple to work on. The functions are well defined and easily accessed. A small ball icon represents the Presenter, so it’s the ball which transits the control between people who are required to present. The control panel auto fits-in itself when screen is shared, that is to enable the presentation going smooth.

File Sharing and Transfers: WebEx file sharing is fast and smooth. An easy drop down cleanly organizes all sharing options at one place. You can share your desktop, specific applications, files, webpage etc. The top of the screen displays the file being shared. Images and video sharing is genuinely awesome and takes no time.

Meeting Space: Meeting Space is a great feature that allows the users to comment and continue things on a project completion. Users can chat and share documents while project leads can follow up by posting assignments and exercises. The team delivering from different locations can greatly benefit from this.

Mac Compatible: While some of the other online conferencing tools don’t provide compatibility to Mac; however with WebEx, users can freely enjoy connection to remote devices along with file transfers.

Mobile Support: Almost all the major mobile devices are supported by WebExMeeting Center. iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry covers the major mobile operating systems available.

Things we wish WebEx to Review

Pricing: WebEx can attract small businesses with relaxed pricing plans. An 8 User Premium Plan costs $24/month or $19/month in annual subscription. This is one area where WebEx can revisit and in turn, it would give more quality options to users and enterprises seeking quality experience.

Chat Feature: Some users feel the Chat option can be enhanced further to improve users’ experience. The webcam doesn’t function with chat visibility simultaneously which is a little troubling for some users.

Let’s have an overall evaluation of WebEx Meeting Center –

Conference Set-up – WebEx system is designed to function on browser and doesn’t require the application to be downloaded.

Video Streaming – High definition videos give a life-like experience for web conferences. Availability of 7 video streams.

Feature-Rich – Annotation tools, Meeting options, Change Presenters, Whiteboard, Chat, Outlook integration, Recording, Selective application & file sharing makes it for some great features.

Security – WebEx includes password protected 128-bit AES/Blowfish encryption.

Layout / Interface – Simple, Intuitive and user friendly settings are the highlights.

Audio – Integrated VoIP & dial-in functions gives a great audio experience.

Support – Helpdesk can be reached via live chat or ticketing system. Self-help documentation is also available. Premium users have the privilege of telephony chat.

Platforms – Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Rating Index – WebEx Meeting Center scores 4.5 out of 5 with most features delivering optimal quality & output. Needless to mention, this makes it to our Editor’s choice for the best Online Meeting Centers.

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