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10 Best Work Boots

Work Boot is a personal protection equipment that is crucial in various industries, like construction and logistics. Work Boots are built to withstand the abrasive elements around, to keep you safe without compromising on comfort. There is a wide variety …

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GlobalMeet vs GoToMeeting


GlobalMeet is one of the most recommended web conferencing services available in market today. It belongs to the same company that develops iMeet – PGi.

It has all the essential features that any web user might expect in an …

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Intercall vs GoToMeeting


Intercall is one of the most basic web conferencing services available in market today. Its interface is good and is not at all confusing. It has simple yet some very good features.

Being flash-based, no installation of plugins or …

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Microsoft Lync vs GoToMeeting

Microsoft Lync:

‘Lync Online’ is meeting service from Microsoft. It is a decent online tool for those who are thoroughly attached to using Microsoft products.

It has a good meeting support for up to 250 attendees. It has also shown …

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This software is very easy to use with no troubleshooting manuals or FAQ manuals required. It provides a share-able link that …

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iMeet vs GoToMeeting


iMeet is a convenient web conferencing platform. It has a good user-interface along-with nice meeting features.

It has good usability that makes it easy to participate in meetings. Also has instant customer support along-with some great personalization features. It …

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MeetingBurner vs GoToMeeting

Meeting Burner:

Meeting Burner is a lightweight online conferencing application. It is web-based and works on both Mac and PC.

The user-interface is simple and easy to use. Owing to its easy navigation, the effort required to setup and run …

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iLinc vs GoToMeeting


iLinc is an easy to use web conferencing application. It has good video quality and real-time screen sharing. It is loaded with video & audio conferencing features and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

iLinc offers …

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Yugma vs. GoToMeeting


Yugma is a web-based video conferencing tool that downloads & installs instantly on user’s machine. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Yugma supports Skype integration along-with free teleconferencing. Yugma also has whiteboard feature.

Key Points:

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